What is responsible lending?

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Borrowing by itself is nothing wrong with the assumption that you borrow wisely and use loan money in order to reach the long-term goals. Retrieve more information over Laen eraisikult.

Responsibly lending means:

  • Only pay as much as you can reimburse.
  • Make sure you understand exactly what lending means. You need to ask the lender for all the information and the information you provide to you must be understandable to you.
  • Know what you sign up for. If you can not understand the contents of the document, do not write down it.
  • Loan payments should be part of your budget so that you know how much to pay.
    Paying loans back at the right time.
  • If you find that you have difficulties with repayment, immediately inform the lender.
  • If you lose your credit card or you think it’s stolen, then notify the bank. If you do not do this, then all payments made from the card will be your responsibility.
  • Your phone number should not say your credit card unless you call yourself, or if you know exactly who you are talking about.
  • Before you start lending money:
  • Remember that a loan is cheaper in the short term.
  • Find out the interest rate and find out what it means for you.
  • Compare interest rates.
  • Read all the terms.
  • Keep in mind that the interest rate may increase, and thus your loan repayment may increase.
  • Take into account also the contract fees and other premiums.

You, as a borrower, have your rights, and from any company you lend, they must assure you of these rights. The principle of responsible borrowing means that the lender must know his client and the lender has an obligation to assess the consumer’s ability to repay the loan before entering into a loan agreement.

The lender is also obliged, before entering into a contract, to inform the customer explicitly about the risks that may arise in connection with the repayment of a long-term loan. According to the Law of Obligations Act, which entered into force on July 1, 2011, this principle applies to all enterprises that provide loans to consumers (private persons), and not only to credit institutions.

How much to pay at a time?

If you really want to get something secure, then the best option would be to save money rather than borrow. In general, saving is cheaper and riskier than lending – there is no danger that you will not be able to repay money and get into debt.

However, in order to decide on a loan, before you sign up, you should carefully review your budget. Making a budget and analyzing it helps you understand what is the maximum monthly loan you can afford.

This, in turn, helps to set the total loan amount. In any case, it should also be taken into account that interest may change during the repayment period of the loan and you should be prepared to pay a larger amount.

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